Episode 15: Abby Howard Horror Anthologies, or AHHA!

We love Abby Howard! Click above to visit Abby's comics The Last Halloween and Junior Scientist Power Hour and her podcast Sistertime Podcast to make your day, week, year.

On this episode the Ladybros and Abby chat about some great horror anthologies, starting with horror shorts that became feature films. Lights Out  was recently made into a feature film, and discussion of Mama creates some feelings in Abby about how she likes them weirdos.

That "old guy that was in everything" (and also the mad scientist from Nightmare Before Christmas) is William Hickey!

Apparently, emus don't make a thumping sound with their cloaca, but rather the male emus make a grunting or thumping noise with their throat sacs when they are ready to mate! The more you know.

What Heather thought was called the Cove, is actually The Shallows that was released this year, and may be the answer to her good shark movie prayers?

Oh my god you guys- THE LURE! 

And come see Heather talk about Ringu at SHRIEK this September! It's going to get viral!

Posted on August 28, 2016 .