Episode 13: Schmostbusters

On this week's episode of Turn Up the Ladybro!, we tackled the recent "controversy" surrounding the release of the new Ghostbusters trailer. Featuring- oh dear- an all female cast!

The online backlash against the new trailer (which at the time of writing has about 460,000 thumbs-downs on youtube) seems like overkill. Sure, it's not the best of movie trailers, might seem a little clunky, but all in all seems like an OK movie.

So why all the rage? Guess what, folks- it's sexism again! Surprise! As Heather mentioned in the episode, there have been a range of reactions from the new movie ruining childhoods to being racist, but what all these complaints boil down to is the fact that Ghostbusters fans from a specific dominant demographic are pissed because something they like got "feminized".

In her great Mary Sue article, Marcy Cook lays out what we're feeling: "When you really look at all the complaints about the new Ghostbusters film, it comes down to a simple triforce:

  • The main cast is all women
  • They are all female comedians
  • A beloved franchise has been gender-swapped"

How dare they gender-swap something that has been written for men, even though most of the original cast has personally endorsed the all female change.

Further proof that Marcy Cook's triforce is the real reason behind the complaints is good god, have you seen the original film recently? Put down your nostalgia goggles and watch it again. Katie, as an adult coming to watch the film (an unfortunately having missed the whole novelty of the time) didn't connect with it. Bill Murray is kind of a dick- and even if you make the "Archie Bunker" argument of, well that's just his character he's supposed to be sleazy, that only works if you have the other side of that character to balance it out! No other aspects of the film redeemed the main character's behavior and he was supposed to be the likable hero.

It is difficult to argue against most of the internet when many people are operating on the basis of "this is how it's always been". We think it's important to highlight as Heather mentioned that having female representation in many different types of roles in film is important. Maybe not to age 20-40 white guy in America, but honestly dude, you have to come to accept the fact that some things are not for you. Gender-swapping a franchise does not make it less. Especially when the source material is a literal "white dude party" the entire way through.

What do you think about the new Ghostbusters trailer? How about this fan recut that is arguably "less racist"?  What are your thoughts on the backlash? You wanna go see it with us when it comes out?

Posted on March 16, 2016 .